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Food-Free Holiday Activities

As a registered dietitian, I understand the importance of finding enjoyable holiday activities that don’t revolve around food. The holiday season offers numerous opportunities to

Allergy Friendly Halloween Giveaways

Providing Halloween giveaways for kids with allergies is a thoughtful way to make the holiday inclusive and safe for everyone. Many children have food allergies

Festive Fall Foods

Fall is a great season to enjoy a variety of delicious and nutritious foods that are in season. Here are some fall nutrition ideas to


Is Undereating Stopping your Weight Loss?

Undereating, or consuming too few calories and nutrients for an extended period, can actually hinder your weight loss efforts in several ways. While it might


7 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters

One of the top reasons children see a dietitian is to combat picky eating early on. Working on creating more diverse eating habits can help to ensure that kids are getting proper nutrients that they need in order to grow. Here are some tips from a Registered Dietitian to help combat picky eating.

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