OH BABY, We Can Help with THAT Nutrition Problem too!

It is August…that means next month Baby Pflug will arrive!    For those who have seen our RDN Michele in the past, SURPRISE, in case you weren’t aware, she is officially 8 months pregnant with a little boy! We wanted to send a quick message out to ensure continuity of care.  Michele will plan on seeing patients […]

Nutrition Tips for Traveling

Summer is here and with that comes lots of vacations! When traveling it can be difficult to make choices that help us reach our nutrition goals. We often find ourselves in situations where our food choices are not within our control. The best thing we can do for situations when we are traveling is to […]

Parents and Caregivers- An important message about food shaming

“One of the best ways to help your kids have a healthy relationship with food is by working on your own relationship with food.” It is time to break the cycle. It is time to break the cycle. Let’s be the generation that says NO TO: Most of us grew up in diet culture, and it […]

How to Support Mom this Mother’s Day!

364 days of the year, mom wears the Superman cape in the house.  364 days of the year, mom cooks, cleans, works, and thinks of you, for you are the center of her world.  She feels a sense of responsibility for you, no matter what age you are.  Your mom will always be your mom […]

College Nutrition & Career Fair at SB Highschool

Today I had the pleasure of attending South Brunswick High School’s College and Career Fair. I was able to talk to students about my career and the path I took to become a Registered Dietitian. I also had the pleasure of talking to upcoming college students about nutrition.  Everyone knows about the infamous Freshman 15. […]

How Are You Feeling? Hunger is Both Physical AND Mental

Feeling controlled by food? Stuck with motivation to follow through with goals?  WE CAN HELP! Your health is important. Reminder- most insurances cover nutritional counseling. We will verify benefits for you. Read on to see the nutrition expert’s perspective on how food impacts the way we think AND the way we feel! Below is a quick guide […]

Our Trip to SB High School’s Mental Health Fair

Mental Health Fair at South Brunswick High School, NJ:  It was a beautiful morning to be out in the community! Today we spent the day at South Brunswick High School educating the community’s youth on body positivity before a night full of patients at the clinic. When it comes to nutrition, the world is inundated […]

Eating In Season

A long time ago, consumers could only buy produce in season. If you wanted tomatoes and it was winter, you had to wait months until the summer. Now it is easy to find any fruit and vegetable at any time of the year. While this can be very helpful when you are craving oranges in […]

Fresh, Frozen or Canned Vegetables? Which is the Best for my Health?

There are many things to consider when choosing which form of vegetable is best for you, fresh, frozen, or canned. The main things to consider would be price, shelf life, nutrition, and most importantly taste preference. Price When considering prices, often your canned or frozen options can be better options for your wallet. Unless the […]

Survive Cravings & Heal Your Relationship with Food: A Beginner’s Guide

Written by: Michele Wroblewski-Pflug, RDN Remember, there is NO replacement for seeking individual counseling with a Registered Dietitian, the ONLY nutrition expert licensed and credientialed to practice medical nutrition therapy. If this below article sounds like you, let’s talk. Email [email protected]; most insurances cover nutritional counseling. April Showers Bring May Flowers: Survive the Cravings and […]