OH BABY, We Can Help with THAT Nutrition Problem too!

It is August…that means next month Baby Pflug will arrive!   

For those who have seen our RDN Michele in the past, SURPRISE, in case you weren’t aware, she is officially 8 months pregnant with a little boy! We wanted to send a quick message out to ensure continuity of care. 

Michele will plan on seeing patients in person and virtually up until September 1st (as long as everything goes according to plan), and then will most likely have to switch to virtual after labor day, to ensure the safety of mom and baby. This will be determined based on doctor’s orders and can change any time. 

Michele wishes she could predict the next couple of months, but she has not yet acquired the skill of being able to tell the future.  

What will this mean for me as a long time patient of Michele’s? 

You can make an appointment to see her in August or September (baby pending), and then continue care with Brianna De la Cruz, RDN, MS. Michele plans on returning in January, alongside Brianna! Of course, you will get more updates, but a baby runs on their own timeline!  

Who is Brianna De la Cruz? 

Brianna is a Certfied Foodie, aka a girl who loves food and loves to help others be able to eat the foods that they love and find balance. Brianna is an avid runner, and is hitting the pavement 6-7 days a week (sound like any other RDN you know??)

Brianna is from Hillsborough and lives with her family and her fuzzy friends, Mr. Phillip and Josie, the family bunnies.  To read Brianna’s bio, click here.  

We will continue to share updates about Michele’s little guy, but before that, we are here to remind you: DO NOT WAIT. SPOTS ARE FILLING UP EXTREMELY FAST FOR AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER. If you would like to see Michele before maternity leave, SCHEDULE NOW.  

We are so excited to continue to have Bri with us and you will all continue to be in the care of the only nutrition expert, an RDN.  

Read on for some facts about what we do as RDNs…and how we differ from “nutritionists”. Not all Nutritionists are Registered Dietitians, but ALL Registered Dietitians are Nutritionists! 

In this day and age people can find whatever information they want on the internet. There is so much information, in fact, that it can become overwhelming. 

Social media is filled with different weight loss techniques and the newest fad diets. The internet can make weight loss seem oversimplified and quick, making people feel discouraged when their journey is slow, or if what worked for someone else doesn’t work for them. 

This is a great reason to reach out to a Registered Dietitian.  Registered Dietitians are licensed professionals trained in medical nutrition therapy. They can create personalized nutrition advice tailored to your needs and preferences. What worked for someone else might not work for you.

This could be due to different lifestyles, different preferences, and even different genetics. Registered Dietitians can help tailor your weight loss journey to you, making it manageable, along with providing support along the way. They can help to determine which of the latest nutrition trends are helpful or harmful, and provide overall nutrition education.  

Remember, RDNs can treat EVERYONE. This includes, but is not limited to: diabetes, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, general health and wellness, sports nutrition, kidney disease, hormonal health, gut issues/IBS, developing healthy relationships with food, child nutrition, picky eaters, pregnancy, postpartum, and more.  Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Call us at 609-738-3143 or reply to this email for further inquires. Our front desk email is [email protected] 

Your Personal Foodie Cheerleaders, The RDNs of Caruso PTRD