Eating In Season

A long time ago, consumers could only buy produce in season. If you wanted tomatoes and it was winter, you had to wait months until the summer. Now it is easy to find any fruit and vegetable at any time of the year.

While this can be very helpful when you are craving oranges in the middle of the summer (when peak orange season is in the winter!), there are many benefits to eating in season. 

To start, it’s important to know what it means to eat in season. Eating in season is going to differ on where you live. It can be very helpful to understand what is in season, when, according to where you live. Understanding what is in season can help you find the best time to buy your favorite fruits and vegetables.

When you buy in season your produce will not only taste more flavorful, but also be more nutrient dense. This is because it did not have to travel far in order to end up in your grocery store, usually meaning it is more fresh.

Grabbing your strawberries in the summer when they can be sent from local farms is quicker than having strawberries flown during the winter months. As produce ages, it loses nutrients. Shopping in season will also be cheaper for the same reason.

Since it will require less transportation, it is able to be sold at a lower price. Another benefit of shopping in season is not getting bored of produce. It allows you to try new things based off of season, and change up your go to produce every few months. 

Buying in season also gives you a great opportunity to support your local farmers and small businesses. Check out this guide to figure out what produce is in season near you.

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