Parents and Caregivers- An important message about food shaming

“One of the best ways to help your kids have a healthy relationship with food is by working on your own relationship with food.” It is time to break the cycle.

It is time to break the cycle. Let’s be the generation that says NO TO:

  • Body hatred
  • Negative self-talk
  • Restrictive/disordered eating
  • Diet culture
  • Vilifying/eliminating entire food groups
  • Labeling foods as good or bad
  • Food shaming
  • Judging people based on their bodies/appearance

Most of us grew up in diet culture, and it is RAMPANT in our society. We know that we don’t want our youth to struggle with food or body image, but we don’t know where to begin.

Kids are ALWAYS watching. How you take care of yourself, the time you invest in your health, IN ADDITION to what health truly means to you; they will copy you. Question is, do you want your child doing the same behaviors that you do when it comes to health?

Even if you are not saying the negative words directly to them, but instead to yourself, kids are soaking it in like a sponge, and will begin to say those words to themselves.

Let’s be the generation that defines health on what our bodies can DO, what our bodies are CAPABLE of, and how we USE food. This begins with looking at our own behaviors. This is where Registered Dietitians come in.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) are the ONLY professionals that are licensed to use medical nutrition therapy. We help support chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cardiac, high cholesterol, autoimmune, colitis/crohn’s, sports nutrition, general wellness, yes, but we do so much more than that.

Registered Dietitians play a vital role in healing relationships with food and your body. We help you create lifelong behavior change. We work side by side with therapists, local doctors, psychiatrists, and your providers to help you gain the quality of life you deserve. This includes your mental health and your family’s wellbeing. It is NEVER just about a number on a scale.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are not “the food police”; we are life changers.

Most insurances cover nutrition counseling. We will verify benefits for you. Email at [email protected] or call us at 609-738-3143 and reserve your spot. We cannot wait to see your entire family shine!