How Are You Feeling? Hunger is Both Physical AND Mental

Feeling controlled by food? Stuck with motivation to follow through with goals?  WE CAN HELP! Your health is important. Reminder- most insurances cover nutritional counseling. We will verify benefits for you.

Read on to see the nutrition expert’s perspective on how food impacts the way we think AND the way we feel! Below is a quick guide to taking control back when it comes to food choices.

What you feel may have a larger impact on your food choices than you think. Knowledge is power. Knowing what foods may contribute to a healthy lifestyle is very important when it comes to weight management.

Yes, you probably already know the basics to a healthy lifestyle.  Consuming a diet filled with vegetables, fruits, lean meats, low fat and fat free dairy, whole grains, and moderation will certainly help you attain your goals.

Sometimes, it isn’t nutrition knowledge that stands in the way of achieving what you desire. What can create a hiccup on the journey to your healthy lifestyle IS life itself.

How many times has life thrown you a curve ball this week? Can you count how many times you were surprised? Excited? Happy? Sad? Bored? Frustrated? Lonely?

No matter what it is, everything that you feel and experience can impact the dietary choices you make.

Don’t let a bad day or a bad mood inhibit your journey to health. Here are a few things you can do to take control of your choices:

  1. Create a hunger scale. Be aware of how you feel physically. Are you hungry? Starving? Full? Or satisfied? When we are present in the moment, we can better determine how much fuel we still need or if we no longer need to consume anything additional.
  2. Be aware of the kind of hunger it is. Do you physically feel hungry? Do you think, instead, that your need for food is guided by your brain, aka head hunger? If your hunger is anything BUT physical hunger, hunger is NOT the trigger.
  3. Identify how you feel and make the choice! If you are not hungry, address your feeling with something other than food.

Is your first thought, “easier said than done?”

We can help!

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