This Teacher Got Her Life Back, Thanks to Caruso PTRD!

By | August 7, 2018

“Every day I was at the gym sweating up a storm, and months later, I still saw no results on the scale. My saving grace was when I found Michele. I finally feel that the effort that I am putting in is paying off! And to think, all it took was a couple of small tweaks to my eating habits…ones I don’t even miss!”

I have been a 3rd grade teacher during the school year and summer school educator for adults for over 15 years. In addition to holding the future of thirty-five 8 and 9 year olds in my hands, I come home at 4:00 pm to my third job that is forever a full time position: being a mom to three amazing children, ages 6, 9, and 11.

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My kids and my busy work schedule leave me with almost no time to even think about making any lifestyle changes; I was overwhelmed with my day to day life as it was. How could I fit in anything else into my jam packed schedule?

I had been told time and time again by my physician that exercise and learning to eat right was the best way to lose weight and get my health back on track. So, I made the decision to join a gym.

It took a lot of effort to find an hour a day for myself, and I was SO proud that I was able to show up and just do it even when I was exhausted. So when I worked so hard to find the time to exercise and saw no results, not even a single OUNCE lost on the scale,  I decided it was time to end the frustration. I saw an article for Caruso’s Physical Therapy and Nutrition, one about a patient who exhibited my same frustration, I decided to explore their website.


I noticed that not only was Michele a Registered Dietitian but she is also an exercise guru! Eureka! Maybe she could solve my dilemma with the scale!

I immediately called to make an appointment. Michele was able to use her experience and knowledge to give me all kinds of exercise tips and techniques, as well as the proper nutrition to go along with my exercise routine! I have so much going on in my life, I was so happy she was able to do the work for me; I don’t have time for a 4th job!

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She was so understanding and knowledgeable that I not only learned so much from our first meeting but really enjoyed sitting down with her and figuring out my next step. My first appointment with Michele was about 6 months ago and still to this day I wonder why I didn’t reach out sooner. I have seen such a change in how I feel when I exercise and have learned so much about how to eat right in order to optimize my health. Michele has truly helped me take control of my body and health, and I am so grateful! In addition, I have my kids seeing her for their sports nutrition needs! I am so happy that we can have our whole family on the same page. I LOVE that they listen to her! Sometimes, when mom says it we all know it’s not as cool to our kids, I was so relieved she was able to help!

The best part was her services were covered by insurance.  That took the financial burden off my shoulders. With flexible hours, I was able to make an appointment at a time convenient for me!

An opportunity to regain your life.  An opportunity to lose the weight and feel great again with minimal expense. The opportunity to get the whole family healthy.  Due to our customized approach spots are limited, act now to ensure we have a spot for you!

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