No More Turning Back! How to Keep the Weight Off

By | April 10, 2018

After hitting the magic number, you never want to see it go up again. You’ve worked so hard to get that number to where it is so you gotta make sure to keep that healthy lifestyle. Keyword is LIFE.


Only 1/3 of dieters are consistent with their weight loss. This is why you should never become a “dieter”. It has the word “die” in it. You see the point. It’s time to turn those statistics around.

Here are some helpful tips to keep those pounds off:

  • Food journaling: write down all the foods you eat throughout the day. Writing it down will allow you to view your foods and see what exactly you’re eating. If writing isn’t your thing, than take a picture of it! Download these apps: “See how you Eat”, “My Fitness Pal”, “My Plate”
  • Exercise daily: Try something new to upgrade your workouts. Why not burn calories and have fun! Two is better than one; chances are you’ll stick to it if you have a buddy to workout with you. Try finding workouts on Pinterest!
  • Don’t forget the most important meal of the day… Breakfast!!! Start off that metabolism the right way
  • Weigh in regularly, don’t be obsessive but check up on yourself just to make sure you’re on the right track. Weigh no more than twice a week and weigh yourself in the morning.
  • Treat Yo-self!! Remember one of the greatest things in life is all the good food that comes with it. Even if those foods are fattening, just have them in moderation! But don’t ever deprive yourself!

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According to Michele Wroblewski, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, patients maintain long-term success if they find a lifestyle that works for them. It’s not about elimination, restriction, or starvation.  Instead, it’s about the habit associated with the food, not the food itself.

For example, one cookie is about 70 calories it takes 3,500 calories over your normal caloric needs to gain a pound. So will one cookie make you gain a pound? Noooo, what leads to the pound is if you have 10 cookies.

Just remember that moderation is key.

Questions? Comments? Need help forming a plan to begin that weight loss? Contact us at 609-738-3143 and schedule your appointment with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist today!

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