Why We Love Physical Therapy (And You Should, Too!)

1: I love to treat patients with any acute pain with any joint

2: Post operation pain is tough for anyone. The goals are to decrease the pain in the surgery site and allow more movement in the joint. We all need basic functional range of motion to go through normal daily activities.  This is another reason that physical therapy is essential.

3: Sports injuries require rehabilitation to return to practice/game time. Acute injury requires Rest Ice Compression Elevation (RICE) and managing movement with less pain. 

4: Positive attitude goes a long way for you and you certainly get a lot more from your patients as well as your co-workers if you’re exhibiting a positive attitude. We find that it’s very important and it certainly makes your treatments a lot more enjoyable and certainly makes you a more enjoyable person to work with.

Applying ice pack to injured ankle

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