Nutrition Dorm Essentials

School is back in session and nutrition is so vital for brain function. While colleges do have meal plans there are many times where it is important to have healthy options on hand inside your dorm room. Sometimes you may be hungry and the dining hall is closed, maybe you only have a 14 meal swipe plan, or maybe you’re not feeling well and need a quick meal without leaving your room. Here are some ideas for snacks and meals to have on hand inside your dorm.


Shelf Stable Foods (no microwave)
-Trail mix
-Freeze Dried Fruit
-Protein Bars
-Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (don’t overstock so they don’t go bad inside your dorm!)
-Canned Chicken/Tuna
-Parmalat Milk


Shelf Stable Foods (microwave)
-Instant rice
-Pasta pouches
-Instant Oatmeal
-Microwavable muffins/pancakes


Refrigerated Foods
-Cheese Sticks
-Eggs (can microwave egg cups!)


Freezer Foods
-Frozen Meals

If you’re worried about your nutrition going back to school make sure to meet with a Registered Dietitian. They can take a look at the options your school offers along with help you figure out what are dorm essentials for you!

Brianna De la Cruz RDN, MS