I’d like to take a minute to give a ringing endorsement to the entire team at Caruso Physical Therapy. As a 37 year old father of 6-year old twins and 1-year old mutt, it was important to expedite my post-surgery recovery on my shoulder in a safe and sustainable manner. The team at Caruso consistently took an all hands on deck (Navy joke for Seaman) approach that was measured, challenging, and rewarding. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I’ve made a full-recovery without any setbacks over the last seven months and am back to doing the things I love, playing with my kids, walking my dog, and using my right arm to drink beer. Thank you team Caruso! Additionally, I’d like to thank the team for their support after my father unexpectedly passed away in November 2018. The team exemplified the notion of a family run business – they were there to help me get through all of the tough mornings both physically and emotionally. I’ll forever be grateful and indebted to them for their kindness and compassion.

Ed McNasby

I have come to Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition three times- two knees and one hip replacement. Each time I have been welcomed by the whole staff. Everyone is friendly, helpful and considerate. More importantly each time I have come in a hot mess- after my therapy I have left a well functioning human being. They work with you- push you when needed, sympathetic when necessary- they listen and work with you when you have concerns. Couldn’t be more happy with the outcome of my physical therapy.

Gail Woods

Just want to say a little about our experience with Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition.
It started a few years back with my mom in her late 80’s getting a hip replacement. She loved the care she received.
So when I tore my quad muscle slipping on ice she reminded me of Caruso’s. So after going and receiving excellent care now it’s my wife’s turn with a knee replacement and receiving the same care.
The management and staff are very professional and knowledgeable , taking there time and explaining everything you need to know about your treatment. We would recommend their care to all.
Thanks again

Roy and Leslie Coderoni

Joe Caruso and his staff make you feel you chose the right place from the time you walk in the door. The first day of anything new causes anxiety, but I felt comfortable and the hour I spent flew by. Joe is professional and personable and I highly recommend this facility for all your PT and nutrition needs.

Kelly C.

Video Testimonials

My thanks to Joe, Rick and Nicole for helping me recover from 8 months of continuous shoulder pain. I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to get relief from the pain and almost full mobility back. In addition, Joe and Rick provided me with an exercise and stretching plan that I can continue at home so that I can remain pain free. I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome!

Katie E.

I have been to many physical therapists in the past, as a result of a serious car accident and never really had great results. But after my recent foot surgery, I researched PT again in my area and found Caruso Physical Therapy in Allentown and could not have been happier with my recovery. Joe and his staff are very professional and dedicated people – the one on one treatment I received at each appointment was phenomenal! Joe cares about his patients and is very knowledgeable in his field. Thanks to Dr. Caruso and his staff I was walking with no pain and had a quick recovery!

Lauren H.

I started going to Michele a little less than a year ago. I wanted to eat healthier and gain weight. To some gaining weight might not sound like a struggle but just like some people have difficulty losing weight I have issues gaining. I didn’t want to lose any weight but I wanted to eat healthier. I had tried for years to change my eating habits but never found anything that worked for me. That changed when I started seeing Michele. I’m so happy with my healthy balanced diet. I was so pleased with my results that I brought my 3 year old son to her who also had issues gaining weight. I tried everything with him. I brought him to the Children’s Hospital feeding team for help and that actually made things worse. My son got constipated from their recommendations of a diet high in fatty foods and junk food. I decided I wouldn’t put him through that again. When I met Michele though I knew things would be different. My son is for the first time on the charts for weight. Since he was born I was told he needed to gain weight. We recently saw my son’s gastroenterologist and he said “weight gain is excellent”. I’m so thankful for Michele. She truly is amazing at what she does. She is very smart and inspiring. Anytime I went there disappointed in how I did with my diet I always left feeling much better because she’s positive and focuses on how to make your health goals work with your schedule. No matter what your goals are she can help you. I have recommended her to several people. I hope that people read this and go to her too. I can promise you won’t regret it.

Brittney Singer

Keeping our staff current and informed is often a challenge. They are a team comprised of very dedicated and hard-working individuals. They are busy with the day to day of patient care and often do not take the time or have the energy to research or read about current topics. It is our responsibility as an agency to make sure that our staff of nurses and certified home health aides are provided with educational opportunities that not only stimulate their interest, but also enhance their performance when working with our patients. This produces an overall outcome of increasing quality of care to our patients. Presenting them with topics that also help enhance their own self-care ability and well-being is also vital.

Olivia Caruso RD and Michelle Wroblewski RD of Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition, LLC provided just what the doctor ordered! They spoke to our staff at two separate sessions this June. They were engaging and knowledgeable. Their presentation demonstrated the caring and quality that they obviously put into all they do. The information presented gave staff insight on nutritional facts and ways to incorporate healthful behaviors and food choices into anyone’s routine. There was additional discussion related to specific disease processes which was presented in a way that was fun and easy to understand. They were genuinely interested in the patients we care for as well as our staff that provides that care. Thank you for all you do!

Mary Jane Darbee, RN BSN, Administrator, Mercer Home Health Care

I went to Caruso’s to rehab from knee surgery. Joe was great. He gave me new exercises to do each visit. The staff was engaging and made you feel comfortable during each visit. I will definitely use Caruso’s in the future.

Jennifer H. Allentown, NJ

After going to another therapist who saw multiple patients at once, we were very pleased with the personal attention Dr. Caruso gave to our 12 year old. Dr. Caruso was great to work with and made our daughter feel very comfortable during her therapy sessions. We would highly recommend him.

Jen & Brenna

This was the second time I came for therapy. The second time was after a coronary sent procedure in October 2015. During each therapy session I received only the most professional of care, individualized to my personal need. The entire staff was always friendly, courteous, and supportive. I received excellent care.

The facility was always clean, cheerful, and well equipped. Each patient appeared to have whatever he/she needed to do the prescribed exercises with no waiting in between. Again, the staff was attentive and helpful as I exercised and as I observed other patients at each session.

Thank you and please express my thanks to everyone who participated in my care.

Frank L., MD FACC. Allentown, NJ

I started PT with Dr. Caruso 2 weeks after Total Left Hip Replacement Surgery . After limping in pain for 2 years prior to my surgery it was very important for me to do everything possible to strengthen my leg to walk without a limp. Having Dr. Caruso work “one on one” with me during my sessions was truly the ticket!

I think we both worked pretty hard to get some better than average results, something that Dr.Caruso wanted as much as I did. Much Thanks!


I went to see Dr. Caruso after my knee surgery. I was very pleased with his treatment and my progress to normalcy. He is very knowledgeable in his field and answered any concerns I had during my therapy. The office staff is very friendly and courteous. I would recommend him highly.

Cosimo M. Allentown, NJ

My outpatient physical therapy journey started in July 2013 following my first of two total knee replacements. I enjoyed the atmosphere at Caruso’s as Joe took the time to work with me and pushed me to regain as much function as possible, I never felt lost in the mix. In October of 2013 I returned after my second total knee replacement surgery. I felt relieved that I could return to Caruso’s for my therapy as I found the environment comforting and personalized. During this time I utilized the nutritional services provided Olivia. She encouraged me to eat better and gave me the tools I needed to improve my dietary intake. For the first time in years I can keep up with my grandchildren. Thank you Joe and Olivia!

Karen L.

When I had to have a total knee replacement, my greatest fear wasn’t the surgery- it was the therapy that would follow. I met Joe in 2008 when he became my physical therapist, my advisor, my educator and my lifelong dear friend. During the many hours of therapy I spent with Joe, I watched him become a husband, a father, and a doctor! I was unfortunate enough to have to undergo a total knee revision in 2010 and this time I had no fear of therapy – I knew I had Joe! He got me through the roughest times with gentle hands and a kind heart.


I met Olivia Caruso when I enrolled in a Medical Weight Management program. It was extremely beneficial to work with a nutritionist to increase my understanding of the importance of protein. Olivia was supportive in responding to emails and questions at any time, and she also made many valuable suggestions for approaching the preparation of meals and ordering in restaurants. Through this program and nutritional guidance, I have been able to change my mentality and approach to eating which has enabled me to maintain a healthy weight.

Deborah Glessner Churchville, PA

I had been being treated for problems with my knee and also required some attention to my neck for arthritis. I had to have cortisone shots in my knee and my MD suggested I try Physical Therapy. So I went to Dr. Caruso and he put me on a therapy program. I am back to moving around without pain, playing golf again and no longer having to get shots for my knee. Dr. Caruso’s program worked wonders for me. The clinic is in a nice location and his staff is friendly and professional. I am happy I selected Joe for my Physical Therapy and highly recommend him to anyone in need of any type of Physical Therapy.

Gary H. Trenton, NJ

My wife and I have been to a few physical therapists over the years but Joe is the absolute best there is. The staff is extremely personable and helpful. As painful as it may get Joe does his best to make you feel you can achieve your goal. I will contiue to recommend Joe to everyone I know.

Carl B. Trenton, NJ

My family and I highly recommend Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutriton, LLC for its various services. We have always been very pleased in our dealings with CPTN, its owners Joe and Olivia Caruso, and its other staff members. They are caring and thorough in rendering their professional services in a uniquely attentive and personal manner that is not typical elsewhere. I have found, both personally and from others, that the services rendered by CPTN produce postive results. I believe newcomers are likely to have a similar experience.

Anthony M. Allentown, NJ

When my doctor strongly recommended I meet with a nutritionist, I was very lucky to have chosen Olivia Caruso. I learned so much (for the first time!) regarding food items, products labels, consequences of unhealthy food and large portions. Plus I learned the importanance of paying closer attention to calorie intake, the definition of different fats, sugars, carbohydrates etc. And Olivia never judged my poor eating habits – she just made sure I knew how to help myself do better! I enjoyed our sessions very much and would highly recommend Olivia for the nutrition area of her business.

Denise W. Millstone, NJ

Dr. Caruso has a fine physical therapy practice located conveniently for me in Allentown, NJ. He is knowledgeable, professional and respectful in treating my ailments. His staff is friendly, courteous and attentive. The facility is new and clean and there are various pieces of equipment to facilitate recovery. I am extremely pleased with Dr. Caruso’s expertise and would highly recommend him.

Alys B. Allentown, NJ

I had physical therapy with Joe. He was great! He would push me when necessary but with concern and compassion. He knows so much about his field and helped me get back to a pain free life!

I also saw Olivia for nutritional advice. She came up with a plan for me. She had some very basic ideas I had not heard before. She helped me to see how the little changes make a difference and good nutrition is a life style.

They are a perfect combination. Both are very professional yet genuinely concerned about their clients. I would highly recommend both of them. They are an asset to our community and I wish them great success.

Melinda B. Allentown, NJ

I started seeing Olivia for nutrition advice after losing some of my baby weight on my own but needed that extra advice from an expert. I can say without a doubt that Olivia is the best! She addressed my many issues – high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, she gave advice on eating habits that would speed up my metabolism as well as, pre and post work meals. I am happy to report that working with Olivia has helped me make lifestyle changes and I’ve seen an increase in energy and overall better self imagine. I look forward to continuing to work with Olivia, in doing so I am encouraged to believe that I will reach my fitness and health goals.

Paula C. Trenton, NJ

I went to Olivia Caruso to help me with allergies and high cholesterol. The information she provided was very helpful and useful. It was a very comfortable atmosphere.

Heather G. Trenton, NJ

In 2007, I was a pedestrian who was struck by a pick-up truck. My injuries included, cervical strain, concussion, non-displaced fracture of left tibia and non displaced right calcaneal fracture. This along with many bruises and contusions. Physical Therapy was prescribed for which I attend 16 weeks/3 times/week.

I was very fortunate to have Joe Caruso as my therapist. He had a complete understanding of my injuries and knew exactly what was prescribed by my physician and explained each and every modality.

During the 16 weeks of therapy, I received expert professional care with Joe. He listened to my complaints and explained everything that was being done for my well being. If it were not for the great care and experience of Joe Caruso, I would not be able to walk every day without pain. I know my limits, but the quality therapy I received truly put me back on the right course.

Do yourself a favor, put your therapy needs in the hands of a true professional, Joseph P. Caruso!

Janet E Howard Winter Haven, Florida

Thank you for the great job in helping me through the several therapy injury’s. I had as a result of major surgery. Your staff is professional, sensitive to patient needs and concerns and always clear in communicating the program that they will use. Ed, Carol, Megan, and Gail at the front desk are each very positive and help make the effort easier. They are a credit to your organization and to you.

Again, thanks you for helping me get my life back and enabling me to enjoy all the activities I like. I would reommend you to anyone requiring physical therapy services.

George J. Robbinsville, NJ

I had the pleasure of receiving physical therapy from Joseph Caruso at the beginning of the year 2017. He provided support, understanding and gave me several exercises to perform in order to get my ankle back in shape. As an active person who enjoys exercising regularly I felt confident in the care of Joe. Following surgery, Joe provided easy exercises and stretching to increase mobility in the ankle area. As the program progressed more modified and advanced exercises were implemented and done. During my therapy time, I experienced positive support from his staff, Carol, PT aide, and the rest of the staff as they created the utmost professional and friendly atmosphere. I thoroughly enjoyed my time receiving the therapy and if I had any questions Joe, Olivia Caruso and staff responded immediately.

The facility is located and very accessible in Allentown, NJ. It’s minutes from major highways including Rt. 195, US 206, Rt. 130 and the NJ Turnpike.

The facility is clean and neat. The décor is filled with bright colors and positive statements throughout the waiting area and therapy area. Patients and guests can enjoy the ambiance of this friendly establishment.

I would highly recommend Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition for their experience and knowledge for anyone recovering from a physical ailment

Gina D.

Hello my name is Frank Hillman, some of you may know me, I’ve been around for a long time. To those of you that don’t, I have a story I’d like to share …

Not too long ago I had a knee replacement (my second) and after a successful surgery (thanks Dr. Ast) I needed physical therapy. Over the year I’ve been to a number of PT clinic and find that most of them will be interested in your first visit (the examination), the second (get your PT routine down) and then you’re pretty much on your own.

This time I shopped around, called asked question, got referrals, even check some places out…now the rest of the story…

I ended up at Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition in little old Allentown, NJ. From my first call (the receptionist was unbelievable), to my first visit. Dr. Joe Caruso was outstanding…yes he asked the routine question (he didn’t know me) listened to what I had to say and wanted from my PT and got right you work…yes the first time.

His staff was courteous, professional, caring and interested in my PT and needs while I was at each session…no rush, hurry (to move on to other patience’s) or more interested in their life and activities than mine.

You’re always greeted warmly when you arrive/depart…and Olivia (Joe’s wife and the nutritionist) keep you updated by email almost daily.

Yes, Caruso’s is the place that I recommend, small and comfortable, but large enough to undertake you recovery needs.

Call them at 609-738-3143 and talk to the staff you will be glad you did.

Frank Hillman