Wellness Program

Wellness Program by Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition, LLC

“Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition is committed to a culture that promotes wellness through healthy lifestyles that enhance the quality of life for our patients”.

Are you trying to reach your wellness/fitness goals or maintain your health and fitness? Then our combined program of physical therapy/ activity and nutrition is the one for you.

We believe that wellness is a balanced lifestyle—a way of living that encourages good physical and mental health in body, mind, and spirit.

Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition cares about your health. We prioritize the health and quality of life of our patients and offer our expertise in supporting a healthy and high performing individual.

Our Wellness Program was created to encourage all of our patients to live healthier lifestyles, build a culture of health throughout the community, and create a healthier you from the inside out.

Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition’s Wellness Program is a collaborative partnership of husband and wife team of Dr Joseph P Caruso and Olivia Caruso. We have a goal of helping our patients and community along the path to a vibrant, healthy and balanced lifestyle. This will be attained through:

Physical Therapy/Activity with Dr. Caruso MSPT, DPT, CMT, CSCS, and team which will include:

  • Modalities
  • manual therapy
  • soft tissue mobilization
  • therapeutic exercise education
  • blood pressure screening

Nutrition with Olivia A Caruso, MA, RDN, LDN and team which will include:

  • weight management goals (whether weight maintenance, loss, or gain)
  • health and wellness goals (such as lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, etc)
  • chemicals in our food (such as artificial sweeteners)
  • organic—is it worth the extra money
  • protein—does it help with weight loss
  • fiber-—how much is enough
  • sugar—should we avoid it
  • carbohydrates—is a low carbohydrate diet best
  • fruits—should we avoid them
  • vegetables
  • fat—should we avoid or limit
  • Online health counseling will be offered with the program

We have multiple wellness programs to choose from. Together we will select the best plan to get you maximum results on your timeline. In your first visit, which is usually covered by insurance or your HSA (Health Savings Account), we will do a comprehensive body composition screening (body fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, BMI, etc). This will enable us to choose the right plan specifically for you. You owe it to yourself to be the best you – call us today (609) 738-3143.