Be Healthy at Happy Hour…Something You Never Thought was Possible!

By | June 12, 2018

Summer months have you partying until the cows come home? In this area of Allentown, NJ, this analogy can totally be true! I love the farm life around here!

Anyway, we can work hard and play hard without sacrificing your summer goals! Here are a few tips from the nutrition expert herself on dealing with social situations.

1.Cutting back on portions. If you want to try all the food choices on the table, reduce even the standard portion size. For example, if you want steak and shrimp, have 2 oz of shrimp and 2 oz of steak instead of 4 oz of each. It will cut back on 100-200 calories. Stick to a total of the size of the palm of your hand.

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2. Increase your veggies during cocktail hour. Instead of cheese and crackers, which can add up to 300-400 calories, have baby carrots, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, etc. It will save you about 300 calories. Cheese spreads are usually lower in calories than full fat cheeses, stick to about the size of 3 thumb tips, which equals a tablespoon.

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3. Do whatever you can to cut back on calories throughout the day, BUT don’t skip meals. For example, if you can live without the turkey bacon in the morning and are already having good sources of protein (aka egg whites, reduced fat cheese, etc.) go without the extra 100 calories/day. Don’t forget, foods that benefit us still contain calories!

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4. Monitor alcohol intake. Have a cup of coffee to switch over to at night instead of alcohol, and purchase decaf if needed. Make the coffee in the morning; put it in the fridge, to have iced coffee available at night for summer months. Try sugar free flavors and light creams to reduce the calories further. Set a drink limit for the day, for example 1-2 drinks/day. Or better yet, take some seltzer and put it in a wine glass. Sometimes just the act of having the glass can be associated with relaxation! This is something I’ve actually done, and it does work!

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5. Have a variety of lower calorie desserts available. For example, a frozen yogurt bar, fiber one brownies, beef jerky if you are a meat eater as a treat, sugar free pudding with low calorie whipped cream,etc. Enlightened ice cream bars are a favorite!

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6. Focus on the people, not the food (or alcohol)! Yes, food and drinks are a part of that. We don’t want to take away enjoyable experiences, but we want to take away the mindless eating, such as the tortilla chips, extra glasses of drinks you ask yourself, what am I doing? Why am I doing this? It could save you hundreds, even thousands of calories.

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 Need more tricks and tips? Call us and come see the nutrition expert!

Michele Wroblewski, RDN

Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition, LLC

1278 Yardville Allentown Rd. Suite 3

Allentown, NJ 08501


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