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By | July 19, 2017

Childhood obesity is on the rise. 

The following statistics are taken from the CDC, Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, last updated in 2017. The percentage of children with obesity in the United States has more than tripled since the 1970s.

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Among children today, obesity is causing a broad range of health problems that previously weren’t seen until adulthood.  It is even said that due to the rise in the obesity epidemic, the parents of this generation may outlive their children.

Today, about one in five school-aged children (ages 6–19) has obesity. Childhood obesity has immediate and long-term impacts on physical, social, and emotional health.

Children with obesity are at higher risk for having other chronic health conditions and diseases that impact physical health, such as asthma, sleep apnea, bone and joint problems, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and risk factors for heart disease.

What does this mean?

Your child will not be able to play sports, dance, sing, or do other activities without struggling. Your child may even need to be forced to take medication. Children with obesity are bullied and teased more than their normal weight peers,18 and are more likely to suffer from social isolation, depression, and lower self-esteem.

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In the long term, childhood obesity also is associated with having obesity as an adult. This sets them up for complications they may have to deal with for LIFE. Some data show that children with obesity miss more days of school compared to students with normal weights.

Missed days of school, whether due to illness or to avoid weight-based bullying, can make it hard to keep up academically. Changes in the environments where children spend their time—like homes, schools, and community settings—can help children achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

What can you do for your children to help prevent them from turning into just another statistic?

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Prepare meals with your children, go grocery shopping together, reduce electronic time, and have family meals together. Involving, NOT forcing, your children when making healthy food choices will EMPOWER them to make healthy choices!

Not as easy as it sounds? Still struggling with the picky eater?

We can help and make it fun!

Summer Kids Camp Flyer

Call today to sign up your child for our Healthy Kids and Parents Program. We will be piloting this program for the month of August, every Tuesday from 10:00 am-12:00 pm we will be inviting the kids to join us for specific activities geared towards their age group, and every Thursday night from 6:30-7:30 pm we will be working with both parents AND children to make healthy behaviors fun!

P.S….It may be covered by insurance! Call 609-738-3143 and we will verify this for you, or email Michele at


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