Easy Healthy Behaviors That You Could Have Been Doing Yesterday!

By | August 24, 2016

Wouldn’t you love to form a healthier lifestyle with little to no effort? Are you someone who thinks that feeling hungry means you are on the verge of shedding those troublesome extra few pounds? Can you relate to not having the time OR money to purchase and create healthy dishes?

If one of the above descriptions sound like you, you are in luck! Losing weight and achieving a healthy lifestyle does not mean that you have to changing everything. Forming healthier habits does not mean you have to say good bye to every sweet treat, every piece of bread, or every indulgence that you intake.

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It is not necessarily what we consume, but how often or how large our serving size is that we choose to enjoy of that warm gooey brownie, or cool, refreshing bowl of ice cream.

Any indulgence that we choose in moderation is one that can, and most certainly SHOULD be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

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However, in order to lose weight, we must use small modifications to consume less calories and help us achieve our weight loss goals. The question is not about where you can begin, but where do you choose to begin? What will you not miss?

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Here is where you can begin… 

  1. Choosing a smaller plate. A smaller plate size will make it appear as though you are consuming a larger amount of food. Pay attention to your body and notice if you feel satisfied after your meal when you choose a smaller plate. If you do, most likely it was never the amount of food that satisfied you, but the visual of a full plate!
  2. Slow down. Enjoy your food. Be mindful of the energy you are fueling your body with and whether or not this will benefit you for hours to come. It should take about 20 minutes to finish a meal. Eating at a slower pace will allow you to enjoy your food, and therefore, lead you to consume less because you will feel satisfied! This will also help you avoid that bloated and uncomfortable feeling after a meal.
  3. Leave some food on the plate. If your mom always told you to eat until your plate is clean, that could have led to your cues for hunger and fullness to be because “mom said so”. By leaving a small amount on your plate, this will help you practice your sense of hunger…are you “belly hungry”? Or instead, is the hunger stemming from the mind?
  4. The Drink and Its Importance. By choosing water, seltzer, unsweetened coffee/tea, or diet soda as your beverage of choice, most likely, you are cutting out about 200 or more calories at each meal. 200 calories X 3 = eliminating 600 calories/day. 600 calories X 7 days per week = eliminating 4200 calories/week.  Since one pound equals 3500 calories, imagine the weight loss that can follow just from changing your drink of choice!

Try these five simple tips this week. Did you see results? Feel results? Have more energy than you have had in the past?

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Do you want to continue creating the best you that you can be? Call today and introduce yourself to one of our dietitians at Caruso Physical Therapy and Nutrition and we will create an individualized plan that enables you to achieve YOUR healthy lifestyle! 609-738-3143



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